About Moravian Cookies

Moravian Cookies date back to the days of great exploration, when exotic spices from around the world made their way into ports of Europe. The people of Moravia, a kingdom marked by rolling hills and dotted with castles, saw these spices as rare treasures and created cookies to showcase these precious ingredients and preserve their full, rich flavor. Allspice from the Caribbean, ginger from the Far East, cinnamon from Ceylon and vanilla from Madagascar were among the ingredients showcased in these original recipes.

They learned that by rolling the dough until it was whisper-thin and baking it slowly, they could create a cookie with a light, crisp texture and capture the intense flavors of the exotic spices they loved. Through the ages, this thin cookie became legendary. Due to the expense and rarity of the ingredients, along with the incredible skill and time involved in rolling the dough to almost translucent thinness, they were only baked for special occasions and holidays.

The Moravians sought a better life in the New World and founded the town of Salem, North Carolina in 1766, bringing their cherished recipes. The town eventually became the vibrant community of Winston-Salem, where our bakery was founded in 1930 and the place we still call home today.

For over 80 years, our company has been baking Moravian Cookies using only the finest, most essential ingredients. Our bakers have created an array of flavors that stay true to the heritage of the original recipes. In addition to the Ginger Spice and Classic Sugar varieties that have been baked for generations, our selection now includes flavors like Meyer Lemon, Pumpkin Spice, Toasted Coconut and Key Lime. Moravian Cookies are now also available dipped and enrobed in rich artisan chocolate in flavors such as Espresso, Blood Orange, and Caramel with Sea Salt.